IronBridge Capital Management, L.P.

IronBridge Capital Management, L.P. is an investment management firm committed to meeting our client’s needs for excellent investment performance and client service.

Our dedicated team of professionals seeks to consistently deliver excess returns for our clients and deliver reports and investment commentary in a timely way.

We operate with a shared set of core values and a strong code of ethics which guide our business decisions resulting in a corporate culture that fosters client service, teamwork, intellectual growth and thought leadership.

As part of the investment process, IronBridge applies a proprietary economic return calculation framework. This framework strips out material distortions in accounting data and provides insights into wealth creation and valuation. We invest in companies whose management utilizes capital in a way that is consistent with shareholder value creation and have a high probability of beating expectations implied by their current share price.

We control risk by diversifying the portfolio across industries and life cycle, which forces excess performance to come from stock selection and not macro or style bets.

We believe the benefit of our "dual diversification" approach is that it leads to more stable (less volatile) investment performance, which underscores our investment objective to "consistently deliver excess return for our clients."